The Castle Crier Archives

The Castle Crier was the official publication of the Castle Corps. It was generally published on a monthly basis, with a few notable exceptions. The Crier was used to to notify its members of upcoming events, print reviews of recent events, communicate the minutes of the general meeting... you know, club stuff. The articles were often written in a fairly humerous manner, and the publication was intended to be an entertaining read.

At some point, this will be a complete archive of all Castle Criers published between March 1992 and August 1995. That's going to take a bit of work on the webmaster/scrivener's part, so we'll just put them up here as they are completed.

The good news about publishing the Criers on the web is that we can display the photographs in color, and we can sometimes include more photos than the original Criers did. Unfortunately, some of the original images are simply gone, so the images from the Crier itself will be included and made as palatable as possible. Thankfully, most images are still in the archive binders and easily scannable.


Volume 1 - 1992

Issue 1 March Kusum & Spring's European Trip, Ghosthunting at Brookdale Lodge, Should CC Incorporate?
Issue 2 April / May Financial Report, Anyone for Climbing?, Big Basin to Sea (review), Sailing on Monterey Bay flyer, Castle Survey.
Issue 3 June Nostalgic Game Nite, Pirating on the Monterey Bay (review), CC Rides the Rails for Free, Parasailing, Flea Market, Easter Egg Treasure Hunt & Harvey West Cemetary Historical Tour (review), A Reading of Revelation, Anyone for Bungee Jumping?
Issue 4 July Minstral's Notes, Organ Recital at Boomeria, Potential Energy of John Wyson's Mass (an excercise in relative theory), Financial Report, Railroad Trip (review), The United Kingdom on $22 per Day, Pt 1.
Issue 5 August "Diplomacy" Via Mail, And Now For... the Live Dungeons and Dragons, Chomp & Stomp (review), Historic Game Nite (review), 4th of July in San Francisco (review), Rock Climbing (review).
Issue 6 September Why Bother Travelling?, The Minstral's Notes, CC Loses Its Baby Teeth, Organ Recital (review), Dateline: Osaka, Zounds & Hurrah for the Live D&D (review w/ lots of photos), League of Rangers: Venturing Into the Unexplored!, Greetings in Many Languages, A Castle Corps Challenge, The Merit of Metrics.
Issue 7 October Many Faces of Halloween, The United Kingdom on $22 per Day, Pt 2, From the League of Natural Philosophers, Hollywood Vs. John Ronald Ruel Tolkien (review), How Not to Die in an Abandoned Mine, Bryan and the Boys School.
Issue 8 November Land Search '93, Bonfire at the Beach, A Knight at the Movies, CC IS International!, League of Rangers Challenge, Help Jacques Cousteau!, CC to Visit The Locator's Pinball Collection, Ohlone Day (review), Medical Vocabulary.
Issue 9 December Hubble Telescope Article, CC Sponsors Quantum Swarray, An Eloquent Truth, Christmas Carol Sing at Boomeria (flyer), Yard Sale Success! (review), Let Us Give Thanks, CC Visits Locator & Pinball Machines (review), New Year's Eve Party.

Volume 2 - 1993

Issue 1 January Quantum Swarray a Success! (review), Interview with GWAM Regarding Leagues, Minstral's Notes, What is a Neo-Pioneerist?, Ever want to Own a Roller Coaster?, 1992 Financial Summary.
Issue 2 February CC Loses a Founding Member, Chain Mail Workshop, New Year's Party (review), Bicker! Bicker! Bicker!, Rangers Into The Unknown (review with lots of photos), A Lesson in Conversational Latin, "Teens with Weird Problems" Movie Nite
Issue 3 March CC Spring Bash to be Held at Park Hall, Chainmail Workshop (review), Supernova Theory, Introducing the CC Library, Monarch Butterfly lecture, A Friendship Quilt, Myst-It-Yourself Movie Nite, Build a Castle on the Beach, Avoiding Lightning.
Issue 4 April CC Adopts a Highway, Ask Dr. Woodstock, CC Bash in Microcosm, CC - The Big Picture, Grand Coronation Invitation (flyer), Royal Boomerian Easter Egg Treasure Hunt (flyer), An Unusual Letter from a Member, Field Trip to Lava Beds, Monarch Success! (review), The R. B. E. E. T. H. is Back!.
Issue 5 May/June Help John Lane, May I Have a Place Where Two People Might Meet?, What Happened to Rock and Roll?, CC Learns Some history, The Bobsled is Ours!, Ask Dr. Woodstock, CC Sells a Yard?, Wanna Buy Some Snake Oil Elixer?, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, or Food?, CC members on Stage, Minstral's Notes, Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Fun for All (review).
Issue 6 July The Campbell School District Needs You, Master Thespians in Action (review), Chomp-N-Stomp, Ask Dr. Woodstock, Reading Writing and..., CC Travels to Lava Beds (review with lots of photos), Charles Rus - Recital at Booms, January Suprise in April? (review), 1993 Q1 & Q2 Financial Report, Chinese Calendar Mystery Solved.
Issue 7 August It's Time for Live D&D '93!!, CC Chomps Stomps & Romps (review), Learn About Central California Indians, CC Helps Move a Slide, Voyager Finds Clue to Solar System Mystery, Another Yard Sale.
Issue 8 September CC Goes to Castlemont, Gadzooks! It's the Live D&D Again! (review with lots of photos), CC Pinches Butts (review), Satellite Update from Jet Propulsion Lab.
Issue 10 October Dutch Diva Digs Cal Culture & Climate, Help Move The Bobsled (flyer),
Issue 11 November CC Moves Bobsled and a Mouse, Rename The Bobsled Contest (flyer), The Phonomenon of a Yard Sale (review), 1993 Q3 Financial Report, Vegetarian Thanksgiving Potluck.
Issue 12 December Castle Carlisle, Without Such Pork as That... (review), Thanks for Nothing, When Will We Ever Learn?, Sattelites Guide Plane to Safe Landing, Classifieds?

Volume 3 - 1994

Issue 1 January Is There a Santa Claus?, CC Makes Kamikaze Trip to Fantasyland!, GWAM Goes to Europe, Friendship Quilt Underway.
Issue 2 February Castle Commisioner Says "Wha...?", Help Work on The Coaster!, Bobsled Renaming Contest Results, The Universe is a Busy Place, A Letter from a Devoted CC Member..., Minstral's Notes, ...But What Kind of Honey Do You Get?, FABaCotBaWIGDC (Just Read the Article), MHROFE Update, CC Cleans Up (review).
Issue 3 March Santa Mickey and the Long Long Drive (review), How the Castle Stands So Far, Winter Financial Report.
Issue 4 April

Special 30th Anniversary: Yet Another Conspiracy Theory, Prepare Thyselves - The Live D&D is Back, Money Makes the World Go 'Round, The OCB Monthly, Update from your Friendly Castle Commisioner in Space, The Disney Deal - One Year Later.
Nostalgic Supplement: The Charger Gets a Checkup, Ask Dr. Woodstock, La la la - Start the Music, The Royal Hunt Returns!, Interesting Facts You Never Need to Know.

Issue 5 May Organ Castle Eggs & Cupcakes (review), Announcing the 5th Annual Live D&D!, A Yard Sale Extravaganza, CC Gets a Pow Wow, Eclectic Movie Night (review), CC Denied Its Rightful Trash Again!, May A Moody Baby Doom a Yam.
Issue 6 June Area 51 Journal, The Yard Sale Thing (review)
Issue 7 July The Red Road Pow Wow Security Experience (review), Clink's Yarn - Live D&D 1994 (review), Ignore Penguin Orders
Issue 8 August The GWAM Goes Dutch, Ask Dr. Woodstock, An Evening Under the Moon on the Big Rock, A Shop 'Til You Drop Yard Sale.
Issue 9 September Driving Back East, Keeps Castles and Really Old Stone, What We Did During Our Summer Vacation, The White Scar Caves, Boston and Washington DC Suprises, Making a New Joisey Joiney, The Penguine Menace, The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary.
Issue 10 October CastleCon Is Here!, Special Announcements, Cigarettes Are Garbage Too (review), A Little Town Called Earth, Yet Another Yard Sale (review), Eco-House Tours, A Medieval Menu Pt 1.
Issue 11 November And For Our Next Trick (review), Kufstien, CC Brochure (Crier insert), A Letter to the Editor, Installation (review), Miracle - the White Buffalo Calf, A Medieval