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Castles and Castle Building

Castle Thornwood

They're working on building a castle and living history center in the Alaskan wilderness... not unlike the rough plans of the Castle Corps. Drop by and say "Hello! "

Castles of the World

All things castle.

Castles on the Web

Extensive list of castle-related material on the web. Excellent and thorough, a must-visit for Castle Corps folks.

Castles Unlimited

Dedicated to the study and promotion of British castles.

CastleQuest Discussion Forum

This is actually part of the "Castles on the Web" site, but deserves its own link. There are active discussions going on by other like-minded folks out there about building modern castles! Please go visit and participate.

Historic Irish Castles

The title pretty much says it all.

The Tour of Boomeria

A man who already has a castle, a pipe organ, tunnels, towers... and Weapon Beulah! A must see!!!

Castle-Related Groups & Sites

Somerville Manor

"Somerville Manor is an interactive medieval living history farm, located two miles west of the village of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Somerville Manor is open to the public for group or individual visits. The citizens of Somerville Manor are ready to show you what life was like for your ancestors in Europe 700 years ago. "

  Timber Framer's Guild Builds Two Trebuchets!

"Over a 15-day period, in a field adjoining [Urquhart Castle, overlooking Loch Ness in Inverness, Scotland], the volunteer timber framers built two full-size trebuchets of competing designs, with an international team of engineers and medieval historians contributing their expertise. In constructing these machines, NOVA hoped to demonstrate the tools and techniques available to a 13th century carpenter. The final test was knocking down a masonry replica of a castle's curtain wall."

The Crossroads Medieval Village

"The Crossroads Project is a medieval village development north-east of Yass, New South Wales, Australia (about 50 minutes from Canberra). The property is owned by a co-operative, which aims to re-create a medieval village and castle, and its surrounds of farmland, forest and hamlets. Our intention is to provide excellent facilities for medieval crafts and skills, for the co-op members and anybody with an interest in medieval times. "

The Parthenon in Nashville

Full-sized replica - whoda thunk. It sure is incredible, though!

Castle Corps Affiliated Sites

The Natural Philosophers

The high school chemistry club that started it all.

Sites Worthy of Your Visit!

  The Hunger Site

"The Hunger Site is the world's first "click-to-donate" site where more than 65 million visitors have donated more than 7,700 metric tons of free food to help feed the hungry. They have done this by visiting The Hunger Site daily and simply clicking a button. The donations of staple food, paid for by The Hunger Site's sponsors, are distributed to the world's hunger hot-spots by the United Nations World Food Programme."

  The Rainforest Site

"Visitors to The Rainforest Site can save a free area of rainforest with the "click of a button." These donations, distributed by The Nature Conservancy, are paid for by The Rainforest Site's sponsors. The Rainforest Site was founded by, which also operates The Hunger Site."

  Global ReLeaf

"The site was developed by ENN, the Environmental News Network and American Forests. The original goal of the site was to plant 20,000 trees to restore forest ecosystems. Overwhelming support made that possible in just three weeks and has allowed us to continue planting even more trees. We are inviting Sponsors to help us continue this effort beyond the pilot phase. Our ultimate goal is to plant one million new trees globally."

Bobsled / Santa's Village Related Sites

Chance Rides

This company bought the Allen Herschell Company, makers of The Bobsled. They have been very nice to us so far. Please support their business by buying some sort of carnival ride from them.


All things roller coaster: new rides, restoration efforts under way, and even a very thorough listing of every (operating) roller coaster in the United States. Maybe we'll make the list some day!

Historical Background on the Santa's Village Property

Prepared by the Scotts Valley Historical Society... even mentions The Bobsled.

National Amusement Park Historical Association

Maybe we can earn a little chapter in their annals.

Santa's Village

East Dundee, Illinois, USA

Santa's Village

Jefferson, New Hampshire, USA

Santa's Village and Sportsland

Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.


Well, this has nothing to do with The Bobsled. This is the web site where old Disneyland attractions go when they die.

Live Role Playing / Living History

Age of Valor

Age of Valor is a live action role playing game based in southern New England. Cool photos.


These folks are basically a live role playing, padded sword & magic version of the Society for Creative Anacronism. This is one the largest groups of Live Role Players in the world.

BLARP - Bath Live Action Role Playing (ENGLAND)

"BLARP is a society affiliated to BUSU whose purpose in life is to provide its members with a gateway out of the world they live in, and into a world where they can dress up in chain mail, and cloaks, drink bottles of potion, and hit each other with rubber swords, while running around the woods shouting "By the power of the forest I shatter that sword..."


"The freestyle simulation of Dark Age battles, featuring period weaponry constructed of foam, period costuming, and historical as well as fictional characterization in various scenarios constructed to challenge the participants, including team and unit battles, as well as individual combat..."

Generic Live Action Role-playing Enterprises (GLARE)

The Glare game is essentially a set of rules created for the fantasy medieval world of Ariel.

Shade's LARP List

" is a resource site with an extensive listing of LARP games that are currently being runned. Besides listing links to events, vendors, organizations, resources, is mostly known for it's name sake, the LARP list. The LARP List is a collection of groups, troupes, chapters, and organizations that conduct LARP activities."

Syskonskapet (SWEDEN)

Syskonskapet is a group of Swedish live role players.

The Cuckoo's Nest (SCOTLAND)

Welcome to the Homepage of the Cuckoo's Nest: The University of Glasgow's Live-Action Roleplaying Society, and our proprietary rules system.

The Duchy of Wavehaven

The Santa Cruz, CA branch of Amptgard.

The Society for Creative Anacronism

Much more of a living history group, these folks are dedicated to recreating the Middle Ages as they should have been (i.e., with flush toilets and penicillin). More historical than fantasy-oriented. Includes full-armored combat, as well as a wide variety of arts, crafts, etc.

League of Natural Philosophers Links

Bizzare Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen

"It is a sort of warped semi-scientific cookbook of tricks, gimmicks, and pointless experimentation, concoctions, and devices, using, for the most part, things found around the house. These are the classics. Strange goo, radios made from rusty razor blades, crystal gardens... amateur mad scientist stuff."

Castle Corps Member Sites

Boom Page - The Boom

Take the tour of Boomeria, learn about the Grand Organs of Boomeria, even view The Boom's 1948 student body card for Abraham Lincoln High School... and more!

The Erez Home Page - The Erez Family

"Welcome to the Erez family home page. There's not much here right now but we plan to add to it over time. Enjoy!"

Gamealot - Frank Kaehler

Frank and his wife have a locally renouned game store: "We are an old fashioned mom & pop toy store located in beautiful downtown Santa Cruz, California. Stephanie and I opened our store in 1981. We both enjoy toys, gaming and medieval history."

The Official Puppet Show Web Site - Craig Polson

"Puppet Show is at the forefront of the long-time underground scene known as progressive rock, or "prog", but their music transcends these boundaries into mainstream rock & roll and beyond. "

Polson's Monster Reptiles - The Polson Family

Information and photos from Harry and Lennetta Polson's days in the circus in the early part of the 20th century. Lotsa fun images - see Craig's grampa as a little boy posing with two giant pythons. "Quality Entertainment for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children - Only 10¢"

Thomas Musical Instruments - John "Tuba" Thomas

John Thomas owns and operates a musical instrument store in Santa Cruz, CA... specializing in band and orchestra instruments. John's one of the 10% of small businesses that make it past 2 years of existance, and from what I hear he's doing pretty well. Stop by and have a look around!

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