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All members have the right to attend Castle Corps functions and general meetings (and other meetings as appropriate) and to participate, directly or indirectly, in all aspects of Castle Corps policy.  The term length of all membership is one (1) year. NOTE: As of the August 1995 Crier, the membership term length was made indefinite... meaning, once a member, always a member, until further notice.

HONORARY MEMBERS may be nominated by Associate and Active Members via submitting  a written nomination to The Most Honorable Recorder of Fellowship Events.   The written nomination will include the name and address of the nominee as well as reasons for honorary nomination.  The nomination will be presented to the CastleCorps voting body and, if approved, be granted a single term of Honorary Membership.   Honorary members will be reviewed at the end of each term for continuation of honorary Membership status.  Honorary Members pay no annual dues, however they have no voting priveledges and may not hold Castle Corps office.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS pay annual dues, but have no voting priveledges and may not hold Castle Corps office.

ACTIVE MEMBERS pay annual dues, have voting priveledges and may hold Castle Corps office.  Active Members must attend at least 50% of regular club meetings during the course of each six month period, missing no more than two consecutively.  There is currently no limit on the number of Active Members.   Future Active Membership may be limited.

MEMBERSHIP COST per term:  Honorary = free; Associate and Active Membership = $20.00 (under 18 = $10.00). NOTE: The August 1995 Castle Crier asserted that because the length of the membership term was extended to 'indefinite', then the cost of membership would essentially be a one-time charge... until further notice.

Castle Corps Officers

This chart shows who held office and for what period of time. Please note that the only officers that are listed being current are ones that are known to have volunteered to continue to hold their title. The last person to hold one of the titles listed below is welcome to contact us and communicate their desire to maintain their office.

Grand Worthy Administrative Minister (GWAM)
Lance McVay March 1992 to Present  
Sub Grand Worthy Administrative Minister (Sub-GWAM)
Craig Polson March 1992 to Present  
Most Honorable Recorder of Fellowship Events
Kusum MacPherson October 1993 - August 1995  
Matt Bray July - September 1993  
Jonah Perez December 1992 - June 1993  
Amy Shivers March - September 1992  
Most Esteemed Holder of Capital Asset Records
Darin Gossett July 1993 to August 1995  
John Tracy December 1992 - June 1993  
Francie Dayton June - November 1992  
Spring Gordon April - May 1992  
Other Departments
Castle Crier Editor
Willow Polson November 1992 - February 1995  
Craig Polson July - October 1992  
Ken Laws March 1992, June 1992.  
Crystal Phoenix April - May 1992.  
Castle Crier Pressmaster & Scrivener
Willow Polson November 1992 - February 1995  
Ken Laws March 1992, June 1992.  
Craig Polson April - May 1992, July - October 1992  
Castle Commissioner
John Tracy December 1993 - August 1995  
Amy Shivers March - September 1992  
Commisioner Gordon
...As Himself December 1994  
Commisioner of Baseball
Jiggs Demontraville December 1994  
Commisioner of Checks and Balances
Dan Richey April 1992 to August 1995  
Commissioner of European Affairs
Pamela Peyser March 1992 to August 1995  
Commisioner of Fund Raising
Lyle Troxell July 1992 to August 1995  
Cris Moreno March - June 1992  
Commisioner of Grants & Grovelling
Lyle Troxell March 1992 to August 1995  
Commisioner of Paintings
DaVinci's Patron March - August 1995  
Commisioner of Volunteer Efforts
Werner Hager July 1993 to November 1994  
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